About Us

About Us


Empire State Titans, of New York, is apart of the Eastern Conference of the Minor League Cricket in partnership with USA Cricket,and American Cricket Enterprises (ACE).Cricket is becoming a popular sport in the USA. Every youngster loves to play Cricket and desires to play at a higher level.Such youngsters work hard and try to improve their game, but the lack of proper guidance and opportunity makes it difficult for them to achieve their goals. The EST could be the factor differentiating them from those who succeed.

Taking the case of Sachin and Vinod Kambli, while both of them had the same coach, the driving factor to the success of Sachin was the motivation and guidance that he received from his brother Aijt. In this way right guidance and motivation along with proper and structured training helps in building a player.
We started this team with the aim to provide right guidance and higher level of cricket in New York along with the national and international exposure to the players. We make sure that our players get the best coaching in the field of cricket. EST is a single window for all solutions. Such as cricket training, cricket tournaments and national cricket tours. We are mentors for the players those have the dream to achieve something big in cricket.


Whether you have a question about teams, trials, pricing, league, tickets or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions

b Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;

Satuday: 10am to 2pm

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